Michael Shelley

Large Assembly Mode and Lightweight Mode

Discussion created by Michael Shelley on Jun 18, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2009 by Greg Hynd
I was just curious as to whether I was the only one that ran into this or not.

I can open and assy. with 500 parts or so and SW will try to open it in Large Assy. mode, but when it does this my computer locks up and I have to close down SW. This will also happen when opening large assy's with lightweight mode. I realize a simple fix is to turn both of these options off, but I was more curious as to whether there was something I could do to take advantage of either of these.

I thought that both of these features were added in to make things easier but for the company I work for we have to have both of them shut off because all it does is wreak havoc on our projects.

Any info back would be great. Thanks.