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    Painfully slow data entry on cards

    Ian Vivero
      My company just recently purchased and installed EPDM and while trying to get started with the software I have run into an incredibly annoying snag. Basically what I have run into is whenever I try to enter data into the data cards various fields the whole process moves insanely slow. I am seeing lag times of upwards of a minute per character entered. In other words, when trying to fill in the "Customer" field (which is nothing more than a dumb text field) each letter takes as much as a minute to enter. Clearly this is a problem as I cannot afford to spend an hour per part just to enter project name, customer name, etc. Has anyone else run into this sort of a problem and if so what steps can I take to resolve this.
      At this time I have only been working from a computer that is local to our replicated server but I haven't had an opportunity to try this on a machine local to the primary server so I don't know for sure that this isn't a network issue.