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Automatically BOM items in Solidworks

Question asked by Scott Kingston on Jun 17, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by Willian Cloyes

The problem I am having is the Solidworks and oracle BOM have parts in a different order. I'm spending a lot of my time reordering the parts in Solidworks to align with the Oracle BOM. I also have to confirm that all the parts listed in Oracle are in Solidworks. Is there anyway to have Solidworks arrange the parts automaticlly to align with the Oracle BOM. 

I have thought about exporting the BOM from Oracle to Excel and then putting the Excel based BOM in Solidworks but the company is against that idea. They are against it because the Excel based BOM would not automatically update when the assembly is changed in Solidworks. Unfortunately my company uses Excel 97 so i am somewhat limited on what i can do.

Basically is the anyway to have Solidworks read a list of parts from an outside source and arrange the items in that order? Any help would be greatly appreciated.