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    Attaching a drawing to a drawing

    Dean Scalf
      I've been tasked to provide SW drawings of custom assemblies (hinges, latches, etc...) to a new vendor. The format they want is a cover drawing of the whole assembly followed by individual parts drawings with fully dimensioned engineering and manufacturing views and notes. The full assembly and each of the parts have already been modeled and individual drawings made but all were done by multiple engineers and drafters. I hate to have to redraw and redimension every single part (we're talking HOURS and HOPURS of work having to be redone) just so I can put it into an add-on sheet behind the assembly drawing. Any one know of a way I can just attach these drawing (all are in SW 2009) behind the main assembly drawing without redrawing them?
        • Attaching a drawing to a drawing
          Josh Brady
          I don't see any reason to require all of the different sheets to be in a single .slddrw file. I would advise trying to negotiate some type of reasonable file organization structure. If they are a vendor, that means you are the customer.
          • Attaching a drawing to a drawing
            Kevin Bouwman
            Would it be acceptable to provide the master document as a PDF? I have aggregated drawings by printing each as a PDF and then using Adobe Acrobat to combine them into one file.

            FWIW, what you are asking for should be possible (I am not saying that it is, only that it should be) I think it is very reasonable to decide late in the design process that multiple drawings really belong together in the form of a book. Cutting and pasting drawing sheets from file to file seems to me to be a logical method of doing this.

            UPDATE: I tried this in 2009 SP3 and it worked for me.
            1. I would recommend opening a new drawing file.
            2. Then open the drawing for the first page of your booklet.
            3. Right click on the tab at the bottom of the sheet for this page and click copy.
            4. Switch back to the new drawing and right click again down at the tab bar and click paste.
            5. A dialog will come up asking where you want the pasted sheet inserted.
            6. Click the appropriate answer and go back to step 2 opening the drawing for page 2.
            7. Rinse, repeat...
            8. When you have inserted all the pages you need save your new multipage drawing with an appropriate name.
            9. I think the drawing views on each new page will stay associated with the model files they are derived from.

            Good Luck and let us know what you end up doing.
            • Attaching a drawing to a drawing
              Chris Challinor
              Still requires some work, but you could create a new drawing and cut and paste the other drawings to it. Select the envelope of the drawing you want to copy from the original and ctr+C, then paste to the new drawing ctrl+V.

              You will still have to fill in the sheet format but at least you wont have to re-dimension everything.
              • Attaching a drawing to a drawing
                Dean Scalf
                The Copy and Paste seems to work best. I can maintain the individual parts drawings (our vendor is actually an ASSEMBLER that uses the different parts drawings to sub out and then verify compliance before they do the actual assembly) and still provide the multipage format the vendor is asking for.

                Thanks Chris.