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    Data Cards, Variables, and MS Word .docm files

    Greg Van Arsdale
      Good Day,

      I've completed a data card for our ECN document, and now I'm creating the ECN document (.docm) with fields for the data card variables.

      There are 2 variables that are not getting into the Word document because I can't make values for those variables "stick" on the data card.
      I don't know why. I populate the fields on the card, and check in the document, then check it out, and the values are not there.

      Another unexplainable behavior is when I double click to open the document from our test vault, MS Word tells me that "There was an error opening the file". I'm using Office 2003.

      I can send the file to a coworker who uses Office 2007, and she can recover the file and send it back to me.

      Curiously, now all the variable values have been stripped out.

      Is there a known issue with this combination of tools?

      Thanks in advance,