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    Camnetics Gearteq 2009 to Solidworks 2009

      Hello All,

      I have Solidworks 2009 and Camnetics Gearteq 2009, which I have been able to use in Vista x64 rather well. Since updating to Windows 7 it seems as though the Gearteq 2009 application will open just fine and I can enter the parameters as well.

      Once time comes to then create a Solidworks file from the Gearteq program all of a sudden the program simply will not allow any connection between the Solidworks or Gearteq programs'?

      From within the Gearteq interface a window pops up saying to click on options and to select the previously used cad platform. From the default positon this is in previous mode already.

      I then choose the Solidworks 2009 version, then clicking on the create 3d cad model I get the same pop-up message window that says go to options and select previous cad program version.

      Then I try it in each and all cad platforms same message appears?

      I am sure that this is not caused by an improper installation of SW nor Gearteq as I have uninstalled/reinstalled the gearteq application many times.

      I will try to un/reinstall SW to see if this solves the issue, otherwise I will try to just do a dual-boot of Vista & Windows 7?

      Anyone using Gearteq 2009 & Solidworks 2009 out there with this same issue please let me know if there is a go-around or something else available.
        • Camnetics Gearteq 2009 to Solidworks 2009
          John Lhuillier
          It may just be possible that neither is completely compatible with Windows 7 since none of them actually support it yet.
            • Camnetics Gearteq 2009 to Solidworks 2009
              Anna Wood

              You probably will not get much help and should be talking with the Camnetics folks, as it is their add-in.

              You will most likely get a response of Windows 7 RC1 is not a supported operating system. This is a very fair response since it is true.

              Any of us using Windows 7 RC1 and any application for production work do it at our own risk, knowing things may not work yet.

              You are probably going to need to wait until Windows 7 is officially released and the software vendors have software that actually supports it, Camnetics in your case.