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Simple Beam Axial Loading in Mixed Mesh is Wrong

Question asked by 1-J0IC7K on Jun 16, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2009 by 1-J0IC7K
Hello All, Please excuse me posting this in two locations but I need some immediate help and I can't get a call back from SW. I am one year new to Solidworks and I have been throught the ups and downs of learning the software. If some one could help me on this I would be ecstatic.

I think there is a huge problem with Beam and Shell/Solid Connections. I have never been able to produce results in beams in a mixed mesh when the cross-sectional face of the beam is connected to a face of a solid or surface. I created a simple assembly to illustrate my problem.

I know I can fix one node of the beam and pull on the other. For my application I need to fix one joint of the beam and apply force to the plate it is connected to.

1. I have a square base plate....

2. I have a C4 x 5.4 Channel mated to the surface of the base plate

3. I created a connection between the beam and the surface of the base plate.

4. I fixed the beam at the top beam joint and applied a 1000 lb load to the base plate

5. The Cross Section of c4 x 5.4 is 1.59in2. So the max axial stress (557 psi) is wrong for starters (stress = 1000 / 1.59 = 629 psi). But the rest of the beam has 0 psi of axial stress along the beam. This is clearly an error - THe axial stress should be uniform throughout (no gravity applied). I have seen this a hundred times before on my models - and I have been forced to find some other way to go about it - but it is really cumbersome and does not give me a lot of confidence in the software.

6. Has there been any updates on connecting beam face cross sections to faces or surfaces?

Thanks in advance, Justin