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    Left Hand Threads.

    Dennis Grimm
      I've searched the forums, but came up empty. I am trying to figure out how to call out LH threads on a drawing properly. I have a connecting rod that I would like to put an M5 X 0.8 tap in each end. One end has a RH thread and the other end has a LH thread. The RH callout looks fine because we don't specify the hand, but how do you specify LH threads? I thought there would be a simple tick box in the Hole Wizard property manager.


      DC Grimm.

      SWx2006 SP5.0
      SmarTeam V5 R16 SP8
        • Left Hand Threads.
          Mahir Abrahim
          There is no option in SolidWorks to specify LH threads. You must manually edit the hole callout on the drawing.
          • Left Hand Threads.
            Josh Brady
            The geometry of a LH thread hole in SolidWorks would be no different from a RH thread. The only difference would be the wording. No ER is needed - you can fix this yourself. If you are really still on 2006 and ER wouldn't do you any good anyway. Just add a new hole type to the hole wizard. I believe in 2006 you would go to Tools->Options, System Options tab, Data Options category. There are plenty of step-by-step instruction posts around if you do a search here or in the SW forum at eng-tips.com.
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              Jason Talley

              I would strongly encourage an ER. Leaving it up to us users to tell each other how to finish the job sw started and that it is acceptable, is what allows sw to continue to squirt out product that a lot of us find lacking. Yeah, I'm one of those guys that is really frustrated with sw, but will continue to use it either b/c I don't like myself very much, or I see the potential that it has in the long run when the bumps get smoothed out.