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Referencing dimensions in assemblies

Discussion created by Derek Bishop on Jun 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2009 by Deepak Gupta
I'm interested to know how people set up designs so that components component dimensions can be changed by changing only one dimension. As a simple example consider three part blocks that have one equal dimension in an assembly. How do you set up the assembly so that the dimesnion only has to be changed once?

So far I've tried or heard about a number of different methods. They include:

- Converting off a common sketch or creating an external reference to a common sketch. This can get messing and confusing. I know of several people who try to avoid this on big assemblies and do all bottom up design.

- Inserting a common block. Can get messy and confusing.

- Possibly reference a value on a design table. Haven't tried this but someone may confirm if this is possible.

- Possibly using an equation though my attempts indicate that you cannot reference variable labels outside a part. Someone may be able to confirm this or suggest a work around.

- Using API.

Any others suggestions. I'm looking for the most simple and robust mehod. Thanks.