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    How to import continious DXF & allow extrusions

    jessica schick
      I am working from continious line DXF files that were used as a single path & has areas that are backtracked to maintain continious feature. now I want to take these designs & use them in creating 3D parts, but I am having trouble with the DXF import. I have also tried them as AI files with similar results. I know that it can be done. I've seen it, but now I can't figure it out without retracing the lines.

      Any ideas?

        • How to import continious DXF & allow extrusions
          Deepak Gupta

          Have you tried opening these files in SW directly in the part mode or can you explain how you are to open them. If you can upload any files here that be great to look at the issue. Do zip them before uploading.
          • How to import continious DXF & allow extrusions
            Roland Schwarz
            Get familiar with the tools on the 2D to 3D toolbar.

            On those rare occasions where I had to generate 3D from imported 2D, I never used the imported 2D to directly create features. I always left the imported sketches intact in order to preserve the record of the source material. From there, I would create new sketches and use Convert Entities to copy imported sketch segments before creating new features. This went a long way toward getting around the various problems that often exist in imported sketches.

            Also, don't expect your imported data to be accurate. Always check. People lie and cheat all the time, even in drafting.