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New Workstation - Opinions?

Question asked by Luther Cifers on Jun 14, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2009 by Anna Wood
After th things that Anna explained in my last post "Poor Workstation Performance" it's clear that to get the performance I'm looking for I need to get a new workstation with the latest components. I've read back through several posts and saw a lot of references to XI computers, so I went online and configured one. Does anyone see anything here that stands out as not sensible - either over-the-top on some components or not good enough on others?


- Luther


13 Xi® MTowertm PCIe Workstation (Base Configuration) $1,039.00
1536 Intel® Coretm i7 920 OverClocked @ 3.20GHz Silent Air Cooling w/CM V8 12cm Fan 8MB Shared L3 Cache 1x4.8GT/s QPI Quad-Core VT EM64T (req. MoBo & DDR3 1600 Upg.) $539.00
2176 8192MB DDR2 800MHz PC2-6400 4x2GB Dual Rank Interleave $199.00
4348 nVidia® Quadro FX 580 512MB DDR3 PCIe 2x DVI Dual Link $179.00
5015 No Monitor ($140.00)
3088 146GB 15000RPM Seagate SAS Serial Attached SCSI 16MB Cache <9ms (req. SAS MoBo/Ctrl) $199.00
17012 HD Ctrl. According To Motherboard and HD Type Selected Incl. w/ Base
6061 DVD+RW/DL/+R-R/CD-RW Double Media 4.7/8.5GB 18x w/Software & media $49.00
7011 1.44MB 3 1/2" Floppy Drive $9.00
9007 On-Board sound as per selected motherboard specifications Incl. w/ Base
12001 Network connection accordingly to motherboard selected Incl. w/ Base
13001 Logitech® Deluxe Black Windows Keyboard Incl. w/ Base
14010 Logitech® 2+ Wheel PS/2 Mouse Black Optical Incl. w/ Base
16046 Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional-64 CD-ROM w/manuals/act.reg. $69.00
22182 Nvidia® nForce 750i-FTW 2xPCIe 16x 2.0 3x PCI DDR2 800/1066 1x1Gb Ethernet-4xSATA3Gb-RAID 0/1-1394-7.1CH Digital Audio (No O.C.) Incl. w/ Base
44012 600W OCZtm StealthXStreamtm Quiet 12cm BB Fan PowerWhispertm UL Incl. w/ Base
18002 Total of 3 Years System HW Warranty w/Express Advance Parts Replacement, P&L. FOB Xi $119.00
27113 Xi® MTowertm 2x12cm Quiet Fans-Front Grid-2x Front USB+1394- Matrixtm VD2000BNS Tttm-4x 5 1/4" 6x 3 1/2" Incl. w/ Base

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