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    Book-on Floworks


      is there any book covering basic and advance topics of floworks
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          Neil Larsen
          Just tacking on the end of this post

          I am interested in using Flow in my next project - or rather having someone with Flow run some sims for me since I cant justify purchase..
          however in preparation I too would like to see a manual or book about it
          I guess SW must have some docs for it?

          As a general comment it would be nice if SW users could access manuals about other modules so they know how to make use of them or can prepare to move up.
          At one time SPR, Whats New etc were exclusive to subs.
          I think a little freeing up of information about products would be a good thing as well.
          Perhaps as a first move the SW Help for Flow etc could be made available to download if desired or SW can have a recommended reading list or something.

          There must be many people who are hungry for knowledge out here who could benefit from some good fundamental info.
          Over recent releases there was something of a push to get people to take up simulation stuff.
          It would be useful to prime users with a grasp of the modules even if they dont
          (currently) have them - the more you know the more you are likely to want to use them IMO

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            Joe Galliera
            I've only ever seen a book about FloWorks published in Russian, but since I don't know Russian, I didn't pick it up.
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              Mohamed Abdel Moniem
              I belive the training Manual that comes with the software is the same as the Printed manual feom Solidworks
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                  Joe Galliera

                  When we first introduced FloWorks back ino 2002, yes, the Tutorials were the training (goes to show you how much you can actually learn from the tutorials, so I highly recommend them).  Now the training manual consists of all new different material created by us.


                  The Flow program, either the older named FloWorks or newly named Flow Simulation, is a well documented program.  I think you can learn much of what you need from the tutorials (as mentioned before), 2 PDFs in the installation directory: "Techical Reference" and "Solving Engineering Problems", and from the Help.  Practice and using the program frequently also helps to improve your experience with the program.