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Advice from Sheetmetal benders to Designers

Question asked by Frederick Wolf on Jun 12, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2009 by Glen Young
Designers, unless you are working in a sheetmetal shop or have extensive experience with sheetmetal, creating flat patterns is a waste of your time for the following reasons:

1. The materials chosen may not exactly match the materials used due to lot to lot variation.
2. The choice of Bend allowance or bend deduction will ultimately be done by the person making the part.
3. K factor, enough said.
4. The form tools called out in SW may not be the tools that the manufacturer will use. Most likely not is more accurate.
5. The designer would be much better served by spending their time dimensioning the formed part, as that is what we will use regardless. To develop the flat pattern, select tools, form the part, and inspect the part.