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    attaching a sketch to a model

    Aaron Plaza
      How do I get my sketch attached to a model in an assembly? I have a file with 4 parts in it. I started a sketch for a new feature but didnt select a plan on the model I wanted to work with. The sketch shows up as the last item in the tree after mates. I know there must be a way to do it, but I cant seem to find the correct terminology to search for the command.
        • attaching a sketch to a model
          Robert Thomson
          In the ass'y, pick the part you want to edit choose edit part then start your sketch.
          • attaching a sketch to a model
            Brian Hoerner
            Select the assembly sketch in FM without opening it, ctrlc to copy, then select edit part for the part you want it in, select the plane you want it in ctrl v to paste it (don't start a sketch just select a plane and ctrl v to paste it that way the sketch dimensions will go with the sketch). This will give you a sketch to edit that is not associated to the original.
            • attaching a sketch to a model
              Seth Renigar
              Another thing you could do is to leave the editable sketch in the assembly, and derive the sketch into the part.

              To do this:
              1. edit the part
              2. select the ass'y sketch
              3. ctrl select the plane you want this sketch to derive to (usually this is a plane or face within the edited part, but it doesn't have to be)
              4. go Insert>Derive Sketch

              Please keep in mind that the sketch is not geometrically editable in the part. The only thing you can edit in the derived sketch is the location/orientation. All the geometry will be locked to the ass'y sketch. To edit the sketch geometry, you need to edit the original in the ass'y, and it will update in the part (you could "underive" the derived sketch at this point to make it editiable. but a copy/paste would be better if you don't want it linked to the ass'y sketch).

              Note: This method works very well if the same identical sketch needs to be used in multiple parts. If you need to make a change, just change the main ass'y sketch and all parts will update. If it doesn't need to be used in multiple parts, it will still work okay. But it doesn't really serve any purpose doing it that way. In that case you'd probably be better off doing what Brian said as far as copy/paste, and then deleting it from the ass'y.