Alessandro Frattini

pcf file from my main assembly

Discussion created by Alessandro Frattini on Jun 12, 2009
Hi,<br />how can I produce the PCF file of my main assembly piping project if I can export only the routing sub-assembly ?<br />How can I export to PCF, standard assembly valve that are out to the routing assembly ?<br />Fore example, on SW tutorial exist an assembly called <install_dir>\sample\tutorial\routing-pipes\Piping-Tubing.sldasm (need to be complete the tutorial).<br />You can see more sub-routing assembly.<br />Can I export the pcf file of my Piping-Tubing.sldasm ?<br />If I need to select each sub-routing assembly singularly to export, can I merge with a classic ctrl+V in the same pcf file ?<br />How can I export to pcf, files that are out the sub-routing assembly or files that are classic assembly ?