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    Previous View vs Undo View Change

    Joel Schmidt
      The command is called Previous View in part files, in assemblies it's called Undo View Change. I map the command to a keyboard shortcut and the shortcut is gone as soon as I change to a new window, even in the same SW session. It's frustrating.
        • Previous View vs Undo View Change
          Josh Brady
          I have the same "Previous View" button in parts, drawings, and assemblies. It's on the "View" toolbar. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-Z.
            • Previous View vs Undo View Change
              Joel Schmidt

              Thanks for the swift reply.

              Yup, that's what mine should say, but it doesn't. VIEW>MODIFY gives me the same Previous View / Undo View Change dilema.

              In a part file the VIEW>MODIFY menu shows Ctrl+Shift+Z shortcut, but it doesn't work. In assemblies and drawings it shows Undo View Change with no shortcut. I have all my views (front, back, iso, etc.) mapped to the number pad, so I like ctrl+Num0 for Previous View. I guess I'm stubborn that way.
            • Previous View vs Undo View Change
              Josh Brady
              I do see the different command names under View->Modify that you are seeing. The command also has different names in the Tools->Customize Keyboard tab as you've shown in your picture. However, Ctrl+Shift+Z seems to work for me at any time with one exception: in a drawing (not part or assembly), if the only thing I've done to change the view is zoom using the scroll wheel then Ctrl+Shift+Z does nothing.
                • Previous View vs Undo View Change
                  John Kreutzberger
                  I have the same shortcut for this as Joel. I need to be careful when applying mates. It seems to undo the last mate along with going back to the last view.
                    • Previous View vs Undo View Change
                      richard wagenaar
                      This reminds me how it was before SW99, don't know
                      exactly which version. After some enhancerequests it
                      was changed in a proper zoom previous command.
                      It is dissapointing to see that these annoying
                      things show up again 10 years later. It should
                      be basic functionality that never should be changed
                      once things are right. Regressions is what users keep
                      from upgrading.

                      I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to have a test program
                      to test all functionality that should work just like
                      in a previous version to prevent these regression including
                      the ability to have shortcuts to functions. Some simple
                      to detect regressions could be automatically detected with
                      a test program