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sketch picture trace out of memory

Discussion created by David Matula on Jun 11, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2009 by Lenny Bucholz
I get to work with a plasma cutter, and I get asked to cut pictures out on the plasma cutter so that signs can be made and decorations for bbq pits, fences, ect. Start a new part start a sketch on the front plane, insert sketch picture, click over to the auto trace, and pick a color or out line the area wanted for the sketch. Then get the wonderful error solidworks can not accuire memory please try to free up memory.
I have 4 gigs of mem, and set the virtual hard drive memory way past the recomended size and still get this error. I have even tried having the picture size come in smaller and end up with the same error. The only work around that seems to work when a job needs to get done is to leave the picture on that plane in that sketch and then manualy trace it with poly lines.
When the sketch piture does work usually when there is a good back drop and the mimage to be cut is simple and sharp enough, there is still a lot of clean up that needs to be done. To do this I will take segments of the original sketch and convert those to the new sketch, break the relations and drag, delete, and redraw those lines closer to the edge of the picture.
Once I have the model ane everything looking great, I will make a drawing of the part. I will make the sheet size of the drawing the size of the finshed plate that I will be cutting the part on and then scale the drawing view to the appropiate size. Save as a dxf file converting all splines to polly lines and then I am able to bring that into the program I use to make the G Code to load into the cnc plasma cutter.
It gets kind of dificult to do when the auto trace does not even allow you to get something to start with. Would anyone have any solutions to make the process go any better?