Joe Rochinski

Mirrored Virtual Parts: Don't try this at home!

Discussion created by Joe Rochinski on Jun 11, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2009 by Derek Bishop
I modeled some crawler tracks we use on our machines in Solidworks recently. Since the tracks exist as a single part number in our system, I figured it would be convenient to create the various parts as virtual parts in an assembly. after completing one track, I mirrored the assembly to create the other track. Now I had a left side assembly with virtual components and a right side assembly which referenced many virtual components from the left side.

I've found that in order for the right side to open correctly, the left side must be manually opened first. Otherwise, half the parts open suppressed and cannot be located. Opening the left track after the fact does not help the situation, and one errant save command while things are messed up will likely make things permanent.

Thankfully I caught this one before things self destructed and was able to save shared components as real files and then use replace component to fix the links in the mirrored assembly.

Crisis averted in my case. Don't let it happen to you!