James Plourde


Discussion created by James Plourde on Jun 11, 2009
It wasn't apparent where I could write to put in a suggestion but I would like to tell SolidWorks that their pages listing available webinars is not set up to efficiently find what you are interested in.

It just shows a column of small somewhat vague paragraphs that sort of describe what is offered. I don't know about others but our time is at a premium and if I want to acquire time to sit and watch a seminar I have to go through the process of justifying why I need to spend that time and then find a way to block out all the flow of engineers that would otherwise constantly be demanding my attention.

I don't want to go through all of that only to find I have registered to watch a light weight sales spiel.

It would be good if they could clearly title them and differentiate between the intended audiences of newbies and sales prospects from seasoned users looking to broaden skills. (But I do appreciate their offering them)