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    Problems opening solidworks drawing

    Simon Jakobsson
      I'm having a problem when opening a saved solidworks drawing. The drawing views automatically becomes hidden and they are shown as something that looks like "big red envelopes". One envelope for every drawing view. If I right-click an envelope and clicks show, then the view is shown.

      How do I make the drawing view to be automatically shown when opening the drawing?

      Thank you in advance!
        • Problems opening solidworks drawing
          Matthew Lorono
          The model is not loading for some reason. It is usually because the drawing couldn't find it with it was opened.
          • Problems opening solidworks drawing
            Ed Burris
            If you're getting a box with what looks like a big "X", then it's likely the drawing isn't finding the model file. A lot of us are having trouble with the drawing views being incomplete, e.g. the annotations, dims, balloons are there but no or only partial geometry. If this is the case, it's VERY common with detail and section views. In either case, look in your model tree for the model file, and if it's "greyed out", then try and unsuppress it. If it unsuppresses, resolve it or open the model file. That will sometimes bring the view back, as will ctrl+Q, move the view, etc. doing things to force a rebuild. No, the "stop light" DOES NOT always force a rebuild!! If your "greyed out" icon won't unsuppress, then you've probably got a "missing link" to the drawing. Right-click on the view, and select "properties", and it will give you the path it's LOOKING at. Check with Mr. Explorer and see if the file is there, and the name is the same. Elsewise... good luck, and welcome to the crazy world of SolidWorks' drawing interface.