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What workflows you use to design tubing systems?

Question asked by Juha Tuomensaari on Feb 23, 2021

Short introduction of myself: I'm a third year student of mechanical engineering in an university of applied sciences with _almost_ a decade worth of experience on industrial maintenance, mostly from the mechanical point of view.


I'm preparing to do a bachelors thesis on tubing design guide and that involves also creating suggestions for common workflows for the design team. This will most propably also have an impact on our product breakdown in the future as tubing, routing and supports will be taken into consideration in the whole product design process.


We as a design team have very little experience on tubing design and this would be a leap towards prefabricated tubes for our end-products.


I would like to create conversation around tubing, design and the involving workflows and methods.


I will familiarize myselft to SW Routing in time but I haven't had time for that yet. I think I will have to build a test database of components for Routing to really be able to test it's capabilities. Though I'm also willing to hear alternate solutions to achieve the goal. But one thing affecting this all is the PDM system we use: SolidPDM. Components, assemblies etc will have to be handled via PDM at least on some point of the design process.


One way to achieve all this could also be to store external database of components from PDM and then take the assemblies to PDM and let it recognize each part. I don't know whether this is even possible


As for my current project I have drawn tubes as Thin-Sweep with Extrude on both ends to facilitate tube end flaring.



Thoughts, comments, questions, advices? Anyone?