David Boydston

Renaming a model and replacing kills all drawing dimensions

Discussion created by David Boydston on Feb 23, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2021 by Scott Perman


I have a weldment assembly, it consists of a few pieces and therefore the drawing is 8 pages long for the details.

I grabbed the original assembly and clicked "save as". Original name was just part numbers with a number rev.

So my assembly 1234-00.SLDASM "Save as" 1234-01.SLDASM

I grabbed the old drawing and "Save as" 1234-01.SLDDRW and after i saved it I went into the drawing and "replace model" with 1234-01.SLDASM, please note I HAVE NOT made any modifications or changes to 1234-00 other than the "save as" which changed the name.

Without any changes or anything, just replacing the model for the exact same model but renamed makes all dimensions yellow and shifts the model like 2" down and so all the dimensions are offset and are not pointing to where they are supposed to be pointing.

Literally the only change I want to make is in the NOTES of the drawing, not the CAD model itself however due to my company procedures I need to rename it and that just messes everything up. 

Is there a safer way to replace model without having this issue?