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assemblies fall apart

Question asked by Duane Roberts on Jun 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2009 by Don Vanzile
does any body have this problem? i had an assembly and have had several assemblies do this to me but after i save the finished product and say few weeks or the most current was this week, i saved the assembly fri came to work mon and the pattern parts had moved. they were no longer were they were suppose to be and other parts mates had changed. any one have this problems with assemblies. i had another project that we finished and later on down the line fsay 3 to 4 months later you goto open the assembly and its thrown out of whack just all mixed up i get this alot i dont know if it is probably because i use the pattern feature alot or what i use this feature to make holes, and to place components. thats what it is for right but a lot of the time i notice that it is these features that do not stay mated or do as they please. so i just was wandering if anyone else has these problems as i am having to write to my var and company heads these problems i am having.