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Do not scale sketch when changing drawing sheet scale?

Question asked by Zhen Wei Tee on Feb 23, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2021 by Craig Schultz

Is it possible to NOT scale a sketch when changing a drawing sheet scale? 


My workflow at the moment involve inserting a block and explode it 


If I add the block first and then change the scale of the drawing, the sketch will move and scaled, resulting in the figure below



Some other requirement: 

* Exploding the block is required as i need to do link the note to some of the drawing view and the same block is use at different sheet with different note value

* Unable to insert the block at sheet level as i need to be able to select the drawing view for note linking 


Currently I am able to find a few workaround but I am just wondering whether is there any better approach 


Workaround found: 

1. Only explode block after drawing is completed 

   → Pretty solid workaround but sometimes user tend to forget it

2. Place the block at sheet level

   → No desirable as involve a lot of steps (creating dummy note, copying note syntax, pasting note syntax)