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PDM server hangs on check-in if the drawing has a BOM

Question asked by Josh Hixon on Feb 23, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2021 by Josh Hixon

We have upgraded to PDM 2021 and solidworks 2021. to do this we had to move to a new server with the new version of server OS we also have the newest version of SQL Server installed. 


The issue we are having is 2 fold. all check-ins are painfully slow, I'm talking 15 minutes for medium to small-sized assemblies. Some of this maybe Server priority allocation and we are dealing with that.


The bigger issue that I really need to be solved is that we can not check in a drawing with a BOM in it. I have tried BOM templates that are default with install and it has the same issue. Tables and cultists work fine, BOM table and it just won't check in. Delete the BOM and it checks in fine. We are completely stuck as all of our drawings have a BOM.


here is the server report of what is hanging: 


If Exists
Select top 1 1
From UserProjectRights upr
Where upr.ProjectID = @iProjectID
And upr.UserID = @iUserID
And (Type & @iPerm) = @iPerm
Select top 1 1
From GroupProjectRights gpr
Join dbo.GAS_fnProjectGroupMembersForUser(@iUserID, @iProjectID) gm
On gm.ProjectID = gpr.ProjectID
And gm.IsMember = 1
And gpr.GroupID = gm.GroupID
Where gpr.ProjectID = @iProjectID
And (Type & @iPerm) = @iPerm
Deepak Gupta Do you have any ideas?