Greg Wright

Bend Lines and CNC Press Brakes

Discussion created by Greg Wright on Feb 23, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2021 by Greg Wright

So my issue occurs when trying to bend parts that have bends in opposite directions on the same side of the part (a relief). For example if there was a bend at 10mm and a bend at 30mm from the same edge of the part.

I am using a CNC press brake to bend the parts which controls the backstop of the part (how far into the machine the part can go). This is fine for single bends but when I bend the 10mm lip first, and then go to bend the 30mm, it is obviously 30-10, as the edge has now moved, however due to the bend radius the parts never seem to come out correctly according to the drawings created on Solidworks.

In short i am looking for a way to display bend lines on the part so that 30mm dimension is still accurate when it comes to bending.

Thanks in advance.