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Edits to Hole Wizard standards are not being saved

Question asked by Doug Seibel on Feb 22, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2021 by Michael Miller

Okay...we are pulling our hair out.  When we go into system options, hole wizard/toolbox, configure, hole wizard...and edit/change a standard & does not save/update/change.


We go to the standard we want to change...

We change it to the new size we want it to default to...and hit save...

Yet when we put in that hole in Solidworks, it defaults to the old size...

And when we go into the hole wizard standards, it no longer reflects the size change that we had made and saved...


We have even deleted that line, saved, and when we go back into it, that line is back.  GRRRR!



Has anyone come across this before?


Edited to add:

We are using Solidworks 2019 SP5.0

We have full admin rights to the files & folders in question

The standard we are trying to edit is a copy that we created, so that we could edit it

We do not use PDM