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How to Merge Lofted Surface with Extruded Surface

Question asked by William Kuran on Feb 21, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2021 by William Kuran

The model can be downloaded here: 7191S Cylinder Head - Ricardo Version Rev (D).SLDPRT - Google Drive 


I used a surface loft to model a flathead engine combustion chamber.  If you look at sketch 1, you'll see a representation of the cylinder block top surface.


A surface extrude, a couple of trims and fillets are used to provide clearance for the valves when they open.  All of that is good.


You'll see that I used the knit feature but it didn't seem to result in a single surface.  I say that based on what happens when editing the appearance (color).


I used the edit appearance feature to change the color from grey to red.  To do that I had to select the loft and the faces that make up the fillets.  I was thinking that if the combustion chamber was represented as a single surface, I would only need to make a single selection.



Does the model consist of a single surface?

If not, is it possible to make it a single surface?