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Error importing step files

Question asked by Kevin Thorp on Feb 21, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2021 by Kevin Thorp

I've recently installed SolidWorks 2020-2021 (Educational license). Seems to work great but I get this odd error when I import STEP assemblies:

  1. The assemblies always come in nested. For example "Colson Performa 4_ x 2_, 1_2_ Hex bore (217-4054).SLDASM" will have a subassembly, also called "Colson Performa 4_ x 2_, 1_2_ Hex bore (217-4054).SLDASM".
  2. The parts correctly display the part icon in the FeatureManager, but when I right click the icon to open the part, it's shown as a drawing icon, and looks for *.SLDDRW" in the open file window. There are no drawings in the folder.
  3. In the folder I see the SLDASM file and all the SLDPRT files, but instead of a part being named "PARTNAME.SLDPRT" it's named "PARTNAME.STEP.SLDPRT.

I've tried importing 3 different STEP files from 3 different vendors. Same error. STEP file import error