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Suspension linkage fixture question

Question asked by Davis Humphrey on Feb 20, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2021 by Dave Laban


I'm designing an MTB suspension linkage, and have a basic form for the "rocker" link. I've done a motion study and have imported motion loads appropriately. I would like to run a topology study with this load case but I am not sure how to properly fixture the part. A note; I used hinge mates replaced with bushings in the motion study. The attached photos depict the rocker oriented on the frame with the other links, and the current load/fixture set up I have at the moment. The main pivot has an advanced cylindrical mate restricting axial/radial/transl. . All others are un-fixtured, which I thought would allow for accurate deformation and stress in the part. I've run a topo study with this setup and the results seem strange. I'm not an engineer by any means, just a curious design student, so if this is entirely the wrong approach let me know, please.