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Treehouse can't find Solidworks instance

Discussion created by Andreas Treuer on Feb 22, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2021 by Andreas Treuer

Hi everyone! 
As the title suggests, when trying to generate the Solidworks files for the Assembly created in Treehouse, an new instance of Solidworks opens up, but stays in the startup view. Within Treehouse nothing further happens, only the "Exporting Tree to Solidworks Documents.." animates, while presumably waiting for Solidworks to open and report back.


After a minute or so an error dialog pops up in Treehouse, saying

Treehouse failed to find or launch an appropriate version of SOLIDWORKS.

I have attached a screengrab of the error box.


Treehouse came with the installation. I am using Solidworks 2020 under a Student Premium 2020-2021 if that helps.