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issues with the Equations

Question asked by Gary Smith on Feb 19, 2021

Hi all, just curious as unlike many i am starting from a novice level but did play with S/w many moons ago at uni. i have an engineering background so hey:

i have had some issues with the equations GUI .I have tried 2 keyboards on my device which is built for this may i add, when inputting the requirements in the hinge tuitorial its a total mess, the mouse juddgers and takes forever to input anything as i have to just go so slow its painfull. Its not my pc that is 100% as nothing else has issues and its a new razer Kb and all set up proper as are the other devices.

In the end i began using Offset enterties and working the mathmatics out prior. just to get through bits which tbh is not the route to anyone else getting issues of the same?


Not quite related but i am also wanting to save " for every time i boot my pc hi setting for definitions of lines when designing parts and have to keep changing the settings for each part the option to save would not go a miss for sure.Does anyone know if there is a way to set them and save until user changes.

Any input is appriciated as i wish to utilise my system to its maxium and tweek the settings to allow all my GPU,s and CPUs power in Solidworks to be used, esp as designs get more complexed so does the load.


.ie curvature detail wireframe./ i know the settings save for each part once made and saved but when i make different parts or many i dont wish to keep doing this tbh.


thanks for anyhelp in advance and i will reply when new to forums in general so please be patient