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selecting silhouette edges

Question asked by Doug Perzyk on Feb 19, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2021 by Doug Perzyk

I've had intermittent issues with this. I work with castings quite frequently and I take the finish part model and insert it into the casting model and then use the geometry in the finish model to construct the configurations for the machining operations. This involves using sections and selecting silhouette edges and dimensioning from them to allow stock for future finishing operations. The problem I'm having is that today Solidworks let me select one silhouetted edge of an inside diameter and now it will only let me select faces. I’ve made sure I have “Allow selection in wireframe and HLV mode” checked, restarted the computer and all of that but still no luck. Is it just me or what? I’ve done this many, many times but sometimes it’s just downright temperamental. Suggestions?