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Material Crosshatch

Discussion created by serge piastra on Jun 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2010 by Alex Fletcher
Prior to 2009, one was able to assign a material to a part, say Brass, and easily change the Crosshatch to ANSI31. ANSI31 best represents the crosshatch type we should be using according to the Australian standard.
Then, when detailing the part, or inserting this part into an assembly, the crosshatch would comply with the standard (we can still vary the angle and spacing to suit, though).
Now, someone at SWX thought that things were not complicated enough, and decided to revamp the Material dialog box and in the process, prevent the user from assigning a different crosshatch to a specific material.
All the options are greyed out, and unless I waste time and try to find out about "Custom", "Favorites" or God knows where else this could be changed, I am well and truly stuffed.
The issue is, I have no choice but accept the default hatch for the material, and in EVERY instance where the part is used and appear in a drawing, I have to change the crosshatch... Arrrhhhh...
So unless someone knows an easy remedy to this issue, all I can say to the Dude at SWX who made this change to the interface: Mate, haven't you got anything better to do than fiddling around with parts of the software that work fine! Go and fix the bugs we keep telling you about!