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PDM task to convert .step and .x_t files to .sldprt

Question asked by Dessi Koss on Feb 18, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2021 by Ulf Stockburger

Hello All,


I am new to the API side of PDM with creating/modifying codes. I am basically looking to do the same as the Convert tool however instead of going form .sldprt to .step and .x_t files I want to reverse it. We receive a lot of .step files and .x_t files that take a lot of time to save as .sldprt files one by one when opening in SW. The .step and .x_t files do not have any information that needs to stay with them besides the name. A data card is filled out manually for the items the .sldprt file contains after it is created, this would not be something I would be able to automate due to the difference in programs. I am hoping to automate the conversion process so we can run this task at night when computers are free to reduce time the engineers have to wait for this to be completed. Due to our .step and .x_t files being stored in our PDM system only, the SW Task Manager does nothing for me unless I move these files out, run the task, and move them back in. Which seems counter productive on my end. I tried to search some existing codes out there but found nothing that was the same as to what I am looking for.


Anything will help at this point!