Joao Tiago

Solidworks Treehouse 2020 deletes components in my assembly

Discussion created by Joao Tiago on Feb 19, 2021

Hello! its my first time starting a forum here so here it goes


I use solidworks treehouse to manage and modify custom properties because its easy to see all the components and how to machine im working with grows.


But sometimes when I export the custom properties from treehouse to my solidworks model I notice some components are missing. Solidworks doesnt give any missing references or errors, the components are simply missing just like someone deleted them. Its not easy to notice the missing components because they dissapear all over the assembly. Now I see the total mass of the machine before and after exporting from the treehouse, and I comfirm that there was a change.


Treehouse its very usefull for me, it would be a shame if I had to stop using it because of this problem. I would be very grateful if anyone could give me some help here.


Thank you