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Get weldment BOM with each material(not body) and their total length.

Question asked by Josh Hixon on Feb 17, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2021 by Josh Hixon

Really big struggle getting this figured out. Seems like it should be really simple.


I am going to make the example simple as possible:


I have a single welded part. The part contains 3 weldment profiles/materials 1 square tube,1 round tube, and 1 rectangle bar.


each profile selection creates 5 unique cutlist bodies.


without manually manipulating the cutlist on each part. (we do lots of custom weldments with 15-50 cutlist items each and manually editing is to time intensive)


I want a BOM that contains the total qty of each material without listing each cutlist item. one line for each material in that part.


Here is the kicker, I want it to pull this way from within an assembly. (BOM indented with detailed cutlist)


Example: Assembly contains 2 of a standard part (SP1) and one of my Weldment (Weld1)



SP1Standard part 12
Weld1Custom Weldment1
     weld1.1Square Tube15.25'
     weld1.2Round Tube6.5'
     weld1.3Rect. Bar26.75'




We had High hopes for a semblance of this with 2021 PDM pro BOM templates allowing cutlist in BOM... Our VAR is looking into getting that working correctly, but I am pretty sure the functionality isn't there. 


Am I chasing the impossible or is this something that can be done?