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Admin Image, "Software to Install", List Descriptions?

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Feb 17, 2021

Is there somewhere that outlines what license each of these packages is associated to?


I'm setting up a new 2021 Admin Image to install across multiple computers. In the Administrative Image Option Editor under Software to Install, there doesn't seem to be a description of what license each package is associated to. For example, I can check "SolidWorks Inspection" to be installed, but I'm pretty sure we don't have a license for that. So once installed I can't use it. Some of these items are not so clear, like File Utilities, Composer Player, Visualize & Visualize Boost, CAM, PCB Viewer, and Motion. 

When I created the Admin image, I include all software options even if we don't have a license for them yet. This is because in the past I did not do this, we purchased an addon, and then I had to recreate the admin image to include the addon. If everything is included in the admin image, I only need to turn them on in the Options Editor once we purchase them.