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    finding a line from tangent to surface

      First off I am by no means an expert at Solidworks. I have taken a few courses and have been able to figure out most of what I want to do on my own, but this one has stumped me.

      What I am trying to do is identify when a surface has reached a certain angle based off a bottom plane, and then cut the surface into 2 different surfaces based on the line that would be created from this. For instance a semi-sphere is sitting on a flat surface would have a point where the tangent angle would be say 45 degrees based off of the flat surface, I want to cut it into 2 surfaces based off the 45 degree line (this would be easy as it would be a planer, but for my application I will almost never have a planer line).

      I believe this is a surfacing issue, but it might be solvable using a different approach.

      Robert Potier
      Tool-Tec Welding
        • finding a line from tangent to surface
          Charles Culp
          That's a tough one. There is no straight forward way to do this, but maybe someone has a trick.

          Are you doing this to create a transition for draft on a plastic part?

          Whether it is for draft analysis or not, you can use the draft checker (View>Display>Draft Analysis) to see this. It will be represented as different colors on the surface. This will not generate different faces, you will still have to do that manually, and it will be imprecise.

          Typically when I approach a situation like this, I define the edge that I want to be the transition, and then I force the surface to start at that angle. So instead of defining the whole surface and split it into two, I define each half separately.
            • finding a line from tangent to surface
              basically I am getting part data for a plastic injection mould from an outside company (and probably an outside program as well). We are doing a whole bunch of things, and for our process we need to identify the area > a certain angle as one type of surface, and the area < a certain angle as a different type of surface. Since this could happen at any point along the surface we are given and the part is coming from outside I don't have the luxury of setting it up before hand.
            • finding a line from tangent to surface
              Kevin Quigley
              Must admit it's hard to be specific without seeing the parts. Am I getting this right? You have a part where you want to split the surface when the tangent to the surface reaches a certain angle relative to a datum plane? Don't envy you that job.

              One thing springs to mind though. The silhouette curve tool. This will give you the split relative to a certain projection - which is not what you are after, but you might be able to use the curve as the start point for further work.