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Sketch tools, jpg resolution - low vs high

Question asked by Carmen Brown on Feb 18, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2021 by Carmen Brown

In a sketch, you can import a picture (jpg) by Tools > Sketch Tools > Sketch Picture. 


The problem I'm having is the low resolution of the jpg. 


If my memory serves me, that once upon a time, there was a popup that asked me if I wanted a high resolution or low resolution version of the picture. That popup happened somewhere in the process of importing the picture, probably after I selected the actual jpg file. 




In addition to asking me if I wanted a lo res or high res picture, the popup had an option said something like "Don't ever ask me this question again". I checked that box, and I haven't seen that popup since. 




Now I want that popup back. 




So I then google "solidworks restore default popups"

and I get Restoring a Dismissed SOLIDWORKS Composer Message 


It tells me how to get any dismissed message back. 

Hint: the tip article directs you to Tools > Options > System Options > Advanced

I'm using SW2020 and I don't see advanced, but I do see "Messages/Errors/Warnings". And there in the list, was the question I wanted.