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Envelope publisher - mating disabled

Question asked by Elmar Klammer on Feb 18, 2021




I was using the new envelope Publisher. Added a group of components and all are shown as envelpe parts inside the new subassembly. Now I inserted another component and wanted to mate that one to geometry of envelope components. Only to find out that SW will not let me. I can preselect faces, edges of the envelope components but they are simply ignored in the selection box of the mate Manager.


Can someone confirm that behaviour SW 2020 sp 5


Looks to me that I can't use this function. A great idea, IF IT WAS WORKING!





Solution/Workaround: Turns out that only the quick-mates toolbar will allow you to add certain limited mates. And that is a limping workaround at best. Looks like a major bug that still exists in 2020 sp 5. job nicely done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!