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Body2.GetFaces Is very slow with imported bodies

Question asked by James Hall on Feb 17, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2021 by Josh Brady

Imported bodies may be arranged in the Part as one Face per facet/polygon. 

Parts may then have thousands of faces. When imported bodies have thousands

of faces The Body2.GetFaces() function can take many minutes. 

Additionally Body2.GetFirstFace() and Face2.GetNextFace() suffers similarly.


This code can take 10 minutes per body. An unexpected and prohibitive amount of time.

object[] faces = body.GetFaces();

foreach (Face2 f in faces) {




I would like to access tessellation data per face.


Can this performance issue be addressed somehow?

Tessellation objects require passing a face in to get the facets, is there a way to get full body tessellation without getting the faces first?