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Beam Analysis

Discussion created by Bora Doker on Feb 15, 2021
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Hello All,


Basically, I am trying to find the deflection only for the orange coloured pipe (transverse) beam below screenshot.

Please keep in mind that the orange beam is continuous just like other parallel beams to it. The others are cut and welded in each section.


By the way, I am using component contact with incompatible mesh as a bonded contact type which was default.



Now, I wanted it to simplify the model by removing unnecessary bodies that are not directly in contact with this orange beam by deleting bodies in some other configuration like in below.



As you can see it automatically treated the pipes as a beam and I fixed the outer ends to be able to just reflect the weight load to the middle beam with the help of gravity.


Later on I updated all components and it re-organized the list by shrinking each beams to a folder however in below screenshot you can see in right hand side some beam color turned to blue (dont know why).


Next, I see a missing fixed ball on the right-hand side at 2nd transverse pipe.


As you can see it looks like it treated as solid instead of beam, and cannot find any option to convert it back to a beam.


After I tried to hit to run simulation, it gives error because of this solid pipe.

How can I convert it back to a beam ?