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Hole table - Items are removed on save / rebuild

Question asked by Bjarne Mortensen on Feb 16, 2021

we are developing Add-In for SolidWorks and one of our customers reported an issue with our Add-In with hole table. After some testing, I have found that the issue is probably caused by SolidWorks itself. The issue is linked to drawing and to hole table.


What is the issue?
On rebuild or on save of the drawing some items are removed from hole table.


What is our Add-In doing with drawing?
We are opening the drawing, rebuilding the the drawing (used API method - bool ForceRebuild3(bool TopOnly)). Then we are exporting for example pdf from the drawing.

I am including video where I captured the same issue with SolidWorks's Save function (not related to our Add-In at all). Basically open the drawing, add hole table, save the drawing.

Is there any way how to workaround this?

SolidWorks Premium 2020, SP4.0