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"Over-Defined" Assembly??

Question asked by Clark Jacobs on Feb 13, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2021 by Clark Jacobs

Hi all,


So I've come across the same issue that I've constantly run into for as long as I've been using SW: over-defined assemblies that seemingly shouldn't be over defined...


In the attached assembly, I'm trying to center "Bottom Piece_Leg" directly under "Length_Leg" (and they have exactly equal cross sections!). Before adding "Coincident 4", the bottom piece was free to move in one dimension relative to the length piece. It seems like adding a coincident mate to the appropriate flat faces would do the trick...however, while it does constrain the movement as intended, it also gives me a host of error warnings (as seen in the attached assembly). Anyone have any knowledge in this area?


Any and all help is appreciated !


Thanks in advance,