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Local Copies of everything

Question asked by Eric Smith on Jun 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2009 by Eric Smith
We are currently thinking about implimenting PDM workgroup so that we pull our assemblies down to the local workstations and work locally. We also use Toolbox and I was exercising the idea of placing a local copy of the toolbox on each workstation, then having everyone pull locally while they are "working". When all the backups run at night, I could have it copy the "main" or central toolbox back down to all the workstations, keeping them common.

I have yet to do an actual baseline of how this would effect load/save times...but I wanted to run it by the forum to see if it was an alright idea or completely dumb.

Please note that we have about 15 workstations, 9 of which run Solidworks - so the nightly transfers are completely viable.