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Is there a way to edit the format in which new toolbox configuration names are structured?

Question asked by Itamar Eshel on Feb 15, 2021


I am trying to figure out if there is a way to edit the format of the 'configuration name' property that is automatically created when adding a new configuration to a toolbox component.


For example, removing spaces or hyphens, changing the order in which the information appears etc.

for example, when adding a new configuration to ISO 4762 screw, the format is 'ISO 4762 M1.6 x 10 --- 10N- St.St.', same format as existing configuration names. I would like to shorten it to 'ISO4762M1.6x10 - 10N-SS' (just an example).


I am aware of the option to export to excel and import back to toolbox after editting in excel, but this does not cover future newly created configurations, only existing ones.

I would like to change the format itself.

Is this at all possible?


Thank you all in advance!