John Clayton

Cannot finish a loft to a curve

Discussion created by John Clayton on Jun 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2009 by Anna Wood
I teach CAD as part of a robotics class, and am having trouble finishing out a project I would like the class to do. We are creating a rudder for a sailboat, with an NACA0012 airfoil section. We've put the outline of the rudder on the right plane and put the airfoil sketches on a sequence of planes offset from the front plane. We can loft among the sections, but cannot figure out a way to complete the loft on the left side of the part so that it smoothly merges with the outline spline on the right plane. Attached is the part. Other than putting another tiny airfoil section on a plane very near the tip, is there a better way?
John Clayton