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Composite shell fixturing and loading

Question asked by Tim Buckley on Feb 13, 2021

I have created a composite disk using planar surface feature and then specified material, number of plies, orientation of plies in simulation tab.


I want to model a quarter disk and then apply cyclic symmetry, but i cannot select the edge when trying to do so, I can only select a face. I'm assuming this is because the disk has zero thickness technically. Does anyone know a way to do this?


I also want to apply a centrifugal load to the disk, and the software allows me to select the outer rim of the disk as an edge, but when I enter the angular velocity and hit "OK" and error comes up, saying "Select an axis, edge or a cylindrical face". I can create an axis that the disk rotates about and it allows me to apply a centrifugal force to this axis, but I don't think this is correct to do because it is not applying it to the actual model. Does anyone know a way to apply a centrifugal load to a composite shell edge successfully?



Many thanks in advance, and all help/advice is welcome.