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    Linear Pattern Unconstrained?

    Paul Schray
      If I take a fully defined and constrained sketch entity such as a circle, and linear pattern it, Why do the copies turn blue? If the seed is constrained, should not the copied entities also be constrained by the definition of the pattern? Is there a sketch setting I am missing?
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          Roland Schwarz
          This is one of those things I hope SW doesn't "fix" for benefit of the faint-of-mind.

          The parameters entered in the sketch pattern dialog are not constraints, only placement values. Constraints are to be added by the user.

          This allows for much more flexibility in sketch patterns. Patterns are thus not restricted to regular rectangular swatches. It is possible to have patterns that are skewed and dimensioned in a multitude of useful ways.
          • Linear Pattern Unconstrained?
            Garrett Brooks
            Do you click the Add dimensions check box?
            This will add a couple construction lines and dimensions so that all you need to add is a horizontal and/or vertical relation.

            But I also wish the pattern would be fully defined when created, and I could delete relations or dimensions if needed.
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              Joe Dunfee
              The problem of unconstrained patterns caused me a lot of headaches for a long time. You see, I would often draw a centerline was part of my sketch. The problem was that the construction line SW put in would overlap the centerline I already had drawn. This behavior was unexpected and hidden from me. Why would SW only partially constrain the pattern? I suspect it was just an oversight. But to make things worse, the help file didn't make the behavior clear to the user, causing a lot of grief.

              Joe Dunfee
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                  Jay Andrews
                  I think the reason is not mentioned above, and I'm only seeing it because I saw it specifically yesterday.

                  I had a pattern of circles, sort of a honeycomb staggared pattern of 91 circles. I went to resize the holes, and they didn't all follow, so I noticed quite easily, that the circles size was also not constrained like we are discussing. So as I think about it, with sketches being such performance hogs by themselves, and patterns also being such performance hogs....

                  There was a choice to be made between trade-offs, pattern the geometry with less than full constraints to maximize the amount of pattern you can create without maxing out your system, or pattern all the entities including every constraint, could very quickly max out system resources.

                  I agree though, it would be nice if there was a check-box to fully constrain a pattern. Although I'm guessing that users would have been shocked at how little geometry you could fully constrained pattern before they maxed out their resources.